500W Car Inverter BEF500H
Rated power: 500W
Peak power: 1000W
Input voltage: DC12V
Output voltage: AC100V/110V/120V/220V/230V/240V (optional)
Output frequency: 50HZ/60HZ(optional)
USB output: suppor
Output waveform: modified sine wave
Weight: 0.91kg
Size: 230*101*82mm
  BEF series car inverters are a new power solution developed by BELTTT for high-demand, mobile power applications to meet customers‘ higher demands for efficiency and flexibility in the digital age. The user-friendly design, innovation and fashion elements of our products enable us to achieve a perfect solution in the face of multiple application loads and a safe, reliable and plug-in seamless experience.
  The newly designed BEF series auto inverter adopts patch IC, high quality original components, and aluminum alloy material for the shell. It provides users with 300W (BEF300H, 500W(BEF500H) continuous output power, peak power up to 600W~1000W, and provides a certain load redundancy.
  BEF series car inverters provide a variety of safety protection functions, including overload, overvoltage, high temperature, overcurrent and impact protection. All operating conditions can be clearly seen through the LCD monitor on the panel. BEF series inverter with 3 c, FC and CE certification standards, its built-in intelligent fan can meet the low energy consumption and low noise test standards, products have passed the high and low temperature cycle before they go out to work, low temperature impact experiments, alternating hot and humid, tumble test, interface durability test, fire test, emc test, such as full load test of more than 30 tests.
  BEF series inverters not only have high specifications of safety protection, but also have a wealth of interface, but also provide 1 AC socket, 4 USB charging interface, one USB interface to provide fast charging function.
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