BELTTT Brand Idea

Brand Profile
  BELTTT, the famous brand is created by Hong Yi group‘s Poojin Electronics Corporation., Mainly produces and operates Power Inverter, Battery Charger, Solar Controller, Solar Energy Generating Systems and other products. As the innovation brand of earlier introduce European equipment and technology, product systems sucessfully covered three fields of Industrial, Commercial, Household after many years’ development, and bring kinds of international quality power generation products and professional services to consumers.
  The brand sprung up from single spark at the beginning of the market to an indispensable at home and abroad nowadays without the management ideas always followed---Altogether Wins, Innovation, Steadiness. BELTTT take the customer as the fundamental, build good relationship of solidify cooperation with supplies. Based on product quality , constantly breakthrough self and inject more products of advanced concepts and skills to the market, Meet all the customers‘ demands and gradually expand brand influence. The future of the belttt will continue to challenge a broader overseas market with steady steps, expand the brand strength in continuous learning and become a rising star of the generator brand.

Brand Meaning
  The brand is named BELTTT and has extremely profound significance.TTT represent business attitude of BELTTT, the patterns of the three people hand in hand represent supplier, brand and customer. Only three hand in hand can we achieve brand and realize altogether-win. While BEL is taken from the father of the telephone, an enterprise innovation is the soul of development, BELTTT hope that through absorbing advanced enterprise philosophy to spur itself and as the development direction of the brand. Neat font of the entire brand means steady development, only steadily forward, the brand can be developed sustainably.

Brand Idea
Excellent Product , Quality Life
  Product quality is core competence of a brand, only excellent product quality can be lasted in the market. BELTTT to benefit the people for the purpose, adhering to "Excellent product , Quality life" of brand idea, regard technology, research in earnest, eliminate unqualified  product to escape into the marketplace and feedback to the customer by the best quality products ,Win the reliance of social the public and help for people‘s life.

Brand Mission
  Working hard, exclude concern without power and lighting numerous households.