BELTTT Launches a New Generation of Parallel Off grid Photovoltaic Inverters Suitable for Home Power Station Construction
Time: 2023-05-15 Reads: 1663 Edit: Admin
BELTTT, with its excellent product quality, has sold well in over 200 countries worldwide and has provided over 5 million inverter solutions to users worldwide. The year 2022 is the year of the global energy crisis affected by the Russia Ukraine war, and at the same time, it is good news that the solar energy market is expanding. In early 2023, BELTTT launched a new generation of 3KVA and 5KVA capacity parallel off grid photovoltaic inverters suitable for home power station construction.
Ultra high conversion efficiency, extreme power density, high reliability, and user-friendly operation are another innovative breakthrough of Pujin Electronics in the field of photovoltaic inverters. Currently, with the continuous promotion of China‘s dual carbon goals, developing clean energy has become the best choice for the future, and photovoltaic policies have been launched around the world. Due to the shortage of gas, coal, and land resources, wastelands, hills, and rooftops have become important battlefields for small photovoltaic power plants. Our eternal pursuit is to lower the cost of electricity consumption and achieve high reliability.
Against this backdrop, BELTTT adheres to its core values of "innovation, stability, and win-win", actively responds to market demand, conforms to the trend of clean energy development, continues to increase investment in research and development innovation, and continuously upgrades product performance. The two products launched this time have rated output power of 3KW and 5KW respectively. Among them, 5KW can be connected in parallel multiple ways, which can more flexibly meet the needs of building larger capacity photovoltaic power plants under various conditions. It can also track the maximum power point through MPPT, stack the maximum power, and achieve maximum power plant efficiency.
BELTTT, as an excellent company in clean energy solutions, has been focusing on the inverter power industry for over 10 years. It has mastered multiple core technologies and more than dozens of patents, and has been closely following the trend of the times in a forward-looking layout. It continues to deeply explore the field of smart energy, with products and solutions such as photovoltaic, energy storage, and charging having great first-mover advantages. It has been listed as a national "high-tech enterprise" for many consecutive years, and has achieved counter trend growth in multiple challenges.
In the future, BELTTT will continue to closely follow the global trend of carbon emissions reduction, implement the spirit of relevant policy conferences, focus on the new energy industry, create a first-class research and development platform, first-class innovation team, and first-class innovation mechanism, continuously improve its core competitiveness, and cooperate with more excellent enterprises to promote the high-quality development of global clean energy!