Committed to the integration of industry and informatization, belttt integration of industrialization and informatization was officially launched
Time: 2022-02-23 Reads: 5782 Edit: Admin
  In recent years, the rapid development of industrial informatization, the wide range of radiation and the deep degree of influence are unprecedented. It is becoming a key force to restructure global factor resources, reshape the global economic structure and change the global competition pattern. The integration of industrialization and informatization is the inevitable product of the development of industrialization and informatization to a certain stage.
  BELTTT has been committed to the construction of enterprise informatization, promoting the rapid growth of industry with information and taking the road of new industrialization. Relying on the construction of informatization, belttt has accelerated the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and significantly increased its innovation ability. Information digitization has brought us a strong development trend. This time, beltt officially launched the standard implementation certification of the integration of industrialization and informatization, marking a new stage of beltt‘s industrialization and informatization integration. For a long time to come, the integration of informatization and industrialization will bring us huge market space and become an important position in the industry game.