Intersolar Europe 2023 BELTTT launches new energy solutions for a zero-carbon future and smart mobility
Time: 2023-06-29 Reads: 1697 Edit: Admin
    On June 14, InterSolar Europe kicked off in Munich, Germany, where BELTTT brought smart energy storage and 3-5KV home photovoltaic solutions, attracting great attention from customers around the world.
    BAE is a portable energy solution for smart travel, committed to meeting the changing mobile energy demand, with photovoltaic energy storage inverter as the core, integrating light, storage and charging, with energy storage battery and smart energy management platform, to create an integrated smart travel new life for you.
    BAH is a residential and commercial solar energy solution, with 3KV and 5KV configurations, which can be perfectly combined with the BAE series energy storage power supply independently developed by BELTTT, providing one-stop energy storage solutions for homes, shopping malls, buildings, mobility and other scenarios.