Car cigarette lighter socket can output much power of electricity
Time: 2022-09-21 Reads: 8399 Edit: Admin
What is the max output power of car cigarette lighter socket?
Taking electricity from the cigarette lighter socket, the inverter should be able to drive electrical appliances with a power of more than 100 watts. However, some customers report thatthe inverter automatically powered off and alarmed after connecting the P4 laptop in a few minutes. As we know, the power consumption of laptops is about 90 watts, which is relatively high. Because non-compliant wires and cigarette lighter sockets on the circuit from the battery to the cigarette lighter socket in some car models, the loss in the circuit increases sharply when the current is large, and the voltage supplying to the inverter drops sharply to the critical point of low voltage protection circuit 10 volts, which causes the inverter to stop working. In order to solve this problem and ensure the normal, safe and reliable use of the inverter in the future, it is recommended that the user should replace the high-quality wire with a copper core cross-sectional area of ​​2.5 mm2 or more in above circuits , and replace the cigarette socket at the same time if necessary.
In addition, it should be noted that when taking DC power from the car cigarette lighter socket, the car cigarette lighter can only support 300W power max, otherwise the car cigarette lighter will burn out due to the excessive power of the inverter. If you want to use an inverter larger than 300W, you can connect the car battery to the inverter directly.
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