Small farm and hill farm 500W solar power generation system
Time: 2017-03-29 Reads: 6259 Edit: Admin

Application: BESIB500W portable solar power generation system is mainly household small-scale electric equipment (Lighting 200W, small pump 300W) and so on. It is suitable for small farmers, small farms, poultry farms, forest farms, island residents, outdoor relief.

Principle: Solar photovoltaic power supply system through solar battery convert the solar energy to electricity energy, with the control of the controller, On the one hand provide electricity to load directly, on the other hand store the redundant power in the battery, When at night or solar cells power failure, the battery will use the stored electric energy to supply power for switching circuit and load.

Feature: Safety, pro-environment, energy conservation, one investment, long-term benefit; Easy installation, automatic control, no artificial switch.